UK Wants To Implement Compulsory Drone Registration


The UK government is looking into regulating the use of drones and the House of Lords EU Committee wants all drone owners to register their device on a compulsory database.

Owners of both commercial an civilian drones may have to register their drone on the database if the law comes into force.

The database would then be able to track and manage the drone and also keep an eye on drone traffic and address safety concerns.

“Public understanding of how to use drones safely may not keep pace with people’s appetite to fly them. It would just take one disastrous accident to destroy public confidence and set the whole industry back,” said Committee Chairman Baroness O’Cathain.

“That is why a key recommendation is that drone flights must be traceable, effectively through an online database, which the general public could access via an app. We need to use technology creatively, not just to manage the skies, but to help police them as well.”

It will be interesting to see if new laws come into force and whether non commercial drone owners and hobbyists have to register their devices.

Source The Telegraph

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