How Drones are Shaping the way we do Business


by Laurence Kellett in Lunchtime Read, Small Business Tips | posted: February 10th, 2015

A few years ago, Drones were seen as not much more than a futuristic sounding unmanned aircraft, boasting impressive, if not terrifying, military capabilities and offering the potential for wonderful aerial photos. Now, it seems that drones aren’t all that far away from infiltrating our daily lives, both at home and in the workplace.

Drones, or machines capable of flight without the need for human piloting or in some cases guidance, aren’t exactly new, although seeing them hit an affordable price range so that the average consumer can afford one, is. Forget the 50 foot long UAV behemoths you see reported on the news – drones as small as coasters, which cost as much as a second hand DVD player are showing huge potential for how our private and commercial lives could be effected in the year future.

How could drones change the way you do business? Here are a few examples…



Not too long ago, free next day delivery would be out of the question. Even now, it is a struggle for many small businesses to offer this, yet consumers increasingly expect their delivery to be cheap and almost instant. Drones are paving the way towards instant delivery, at a fraction of the cost.

Whilst the negatives of automated drone delivery currently outweigh the cost and time saving benefits, it doesn’t mean that certain companies are considering it as a serious option for fast delivery, such as Amazon Prime Air, which surfaced last year.


Security is something businesses should always be on top of, whether it’s a bouncer on the door or CCTV on the side of the building, both have their flaws when it comes to maintaining secure premises. Drones offer the best of both worlds, in this field, with high quality video capabilities, the freedom to move about around any given premises, as well as the option to fly up and offer a steady aerial view of a location.

Much like phoning the police, a drone deploying from a building and recording a would-be thief in the act would be a huge deterrent.



High quality videos is not something that costs an arm and a leg anymore, and small businesses are utilizing this when it comes to homemade company videos or advertising campaigns. Affordable drones and hugely capable and affordable cameras are making creative, effective and professional standard advertising and video production easily achievable to the average small business.

Whilst drones alone do not change the playing field of video production or advertising, they offer a new an exciting option for small businesses to cheaply pursue, however they please.



Drones for mass messaging may sound redundant in an ever digital world where every person and employee has a smartphone in their pocket and often a computer open with emails equipped. However if there’s a market for it somewhere, it will exist, as is the nature innovation. A Japanese toy maker, Kyosho, has developed a drone equipped with LEDs which can display small scrolling messages.

Maybe we can expect, in the coming years, a drone to tell you when your next meeting is, then guide you to the location displaying relevant information.


Pest Control

In certain market sectors, specifically farming and agriculture, machinery is already making the day to day tasks much more automated and structured. Welcoming drones into this increasingly automated world will be a huge step. The possibility of a drone remotely watering crops, spreading pesticides or acting as a futuristic flying scarecrow is already upon us.


Whilst drones are only just beginning to creep into our lives for conventional use, it won’t be long before we start using them for much more than to have fun with. As innovative businesses start to think of new ways to enhance the power of drones, other businesses will follow suit, until a flying drones above your head in your office won’t be so uncommon.

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